Cool Any Room In Under 5 Minutes

Tired of working or sleeping in an environment that’s too hot? Prepare yourself for those hot summer months!

This super-compact and energy-efficient AC can fit right on your desk or nightstand! The device is equipped with revolutionary rapid evaporative-cooling technology that cools your environment almost instantly, providing a strong breeze of cold air that can compete with high-end AC’s, but without the high price tag!

It’s called Lux Chill, and it’s now available in the US.

Meet Lux Chill

Lux Chill is the world’s first affordable and portable AC that can be used literally anywhere to cool down your environment. Lux Chill works more efficiently than regular AC, and it doesn’t require any installation. Thanks to its portable design, you can just take it with you and plug it into a power socket to cool your environment in minutes.

Air purification filter
Settings panel
Evaporative-cooling technology

Evaporative-cooling technology

Lux Chill’s most important feature is its cooling power. Lux Chill doesn’t work like regular AC; instead, it uses our patented Rapid Evaporative-Cooling Technology.

This new cooling technique can cool any environment in less than 5 minutes. The control panel, located on the top of the Lux Chill, lets you fully adjust the temperature, fan speed, and cooling mode.

Truly compact and portable

Lux Chill can be used in places where traditional mobile AC’s wouldn’t work, and that’s because the Lux Chill is energy efficient and compact! This makes Lux Chill the world’s first truly portable AC system.

It’s only about the size of a shoebox, so you can literally take Lux Chill anywhere you go, even when going off-grid, and it will last all through the day. The Lux Chill can easily be powered, making it a breeze to keep it up and running.

Air purification filter

Lux Chill features an air-purifying filtration system that cleanses the air of dust particles, allergens, and other bacteria, supporting those who suffer from allergies or respiratory disorders. The filter also keeps humidity levels in balance and ensures that your environment is well-ventilated.

Increase productivity, reduce noise

Extreme heat has an obvious negative impact on your mind and body, making even the simplest task a chore. When the environment temperature is too high, concentration levels drop, and fatigue quickly sets in. Unlike most AC systems that can be annoyingly loud, the Lux Chill transforms any environment into a comfortable and quiet working environment for better performance and concentration.

Lux Chill Features

Lux Chill is the first and only brand that features Evaporative-Cooling Technology. Our unique and patented technology is here to keep you comfortable and cool.

Instant Temperature Reduction

Cools any place in under 5 minutes. Lux Chill can decrease the environmental temperature to 16°C.

Microclimate Area

Lux Chill has a fully adjustable climate control system. Set the fan speed, temperature, and cooling mode to your liking.

Purifies and Humidifies

Lux Chill has an air purification filter that increases the air quality by filtering out unwanted particles. It also keeps air humidity at an optimal level so that it doesn’t dry out the air the way regular AC does.

Portable design

Lux Chill is the size of a shoebox, but blasts out cool air like a big AC-unit!


Lux Chill is much more energy-efficient than traditional AC units. With its low energy consumption and biodegradable filter, it keeps you cool without wasting energy.

Low Noise

Lux Chill works at a super quiet noise level, so you won’t even hear it at night.

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Customer Reviews

Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers are saying about Lux Chill. Many people from all over the world are already using Lux Chill’s Evaporative-Cooling Technology and have shared their experiences with us.


My package arrived today! Just tested the Lux Chill and it cooled my place super fast. You immediately notice a difference. Going to let it run at night too. Really happy with it!


I was a bit worried that I would have to refill the reservoir every couple of hours, but it lasted much longer than I thought. A completely full reservoir easily lasts for 8 hours on the highest fan speed.


Why buy a big energy-consuming air conditioner when you can have this portable mini AC? It’s not only a conditioner, it’s a fan, air purifier, and sterilizer at the same time. The AC is very easy to use, just pour tap water in it and plug it in the wall like you would charge any device. You can carry it everywhere because it’s small and easy to carry. Highly recommended!


I bought this to cool down the room that we use for my daughter’s bedroom. It’s a very small space that is not air-conditioned. This thing works very well, the air is nice and cool, and the fan is pretty powerful for such a small device.


I use the Lux Chill almost every day to cool down myself at my desk, and it actually does the job very well, thank you!


Does its job of cooling a space down very well. I use it in my home office that gets direct sunlight for 12 hours a day. Using just fans, the room will heat up fast, but this unit keeps me cool to a very chilly temperature quite nicely and very fast.


Mine arrived yesterday. Good product and shipping was fast! Very nice device. It doesn’t make as much noise as normal AC and it also looks very cool. Really satisfied with it!


Fast delivery and a fabulous product! Works great as a bedside cooler. Very impressed with its performance.


Shipping was quite slow for me. Luckily, it works fine! I mostly use it when I’m working on my desk. I have it powered by my PC and it’s super easy to use. It’s also perfect for cooling yourself in the bedroom because it’s so quiet.


Super compact and portable! I mostly use it at my desk, and it cools the air by 8 degrees, at least. I also took it with me when I went camping. I connected it to a power bank to keep the tent cool, which worked great too.